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Latest Club Lotto Results now published below in news section Numbers for Monday April 10th 2017 draw were 21-22-23 with NO WINNER of Jackpot of €1,000 ----------- Next Weeks Jackpot is €1,200 and the draw will take place in Salmons Public House on Tuesday 18th of April 2017 MANY THANKS FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT



U13B Saturday Winners DDSL

U15B1 Saturday Runners Up DDSL


U12-5 Sunday League Winners DDSL

U11C1 Sunday Runners Up DDSL

U10E Saturday League Winners DDSL

U10G Saturday Runners Up DDSL



U10D1 Sunday Runners Up DDSL

U11C1 Sunday Winners DDSL

U14 Major Winners Saturday DDSL

U14 Harmon Cup Winners Saturday DDSL


U12 Cup Runners Up Saturday DDSL

U13A League Runners Up Saturday DDSL

U14B1 Winners Saturday DDSL

U14 Cup Runners Up Saturday DDSL


U9 Runners Up U9C Sunday DDSL

U13C1 Winners Saturday DDSL

U13 Winners Joe O'Leary Cup DDSL

U14B Winners Saturday DDSL


U12 Danone Cup National Winners
U14 Winners U14B1 DDSL
U14 Runners Up Hegarty Cup DDSL
U15 Runners Up TSB Cup DDSL

U7 Winners U7B Sunday DDSL
U7 Winners U7E Sunday DDSL
U8 Winners U8B Saturday DDSL
U9 Winners U9A1 Sunday DDSL
U9 Winners U9E Sunday DDSL
U14 Runners Up 14 Major DDSL
U16 Runners Up U16A DDSL

U9 Runners Up U9F1 Sunday DDSL
U10 Winners U10C Saturday DDSL
U11 Runners Up U11B1 DDSL
U13 Winners U13A DDSL
U13 Winners TSB Cup DDSL

U7 Winners U7B1 Saturday DDSL
U8 Winners U8B Saturday DDSL
U9 Winners U9E Saturday DDSL
U11 Runners Up U11B1 DDSL
U12 Winners U12A1 DDSL
U12 Runners Up Hegarty Cup DDSL
U18 Winners U18 Major DDSL
U18 Winners U18 Redmond Cup DDSL